Pressure Switches including Low Pressure Switches, High Pressure Switches and Pneumatic Switches from Neo-Dyn. Neo-Dyn Pressure switches are snap acting devices, designed to actuate when a specific pressure, of a gas or liquid being monitored, is sensed. When the set point pressure is detected, the switch works to open or close a circuit. This allows for enhanced alarm and control which in turn improves the dependability and safety of the workplace. Neo-Dyn's standard design features a snap acting Belleville spring that ensures improved cycle life, repeatability, and vibration resistance. Pressure switches are designed to suit many applications with variations in the interface, set point capabilities, media types, material compatibilities, temperature variations, size, and environmental conditions. When it comes to general purpose pressure switches, Neo-Dyn's standard product lines are used in a wide range of industries and offer the variety necessary to meet the different requirements. If the pressure switch you are looking for is not listed, please submit your request. Our customer-support and engineering staff are ready and able to provide you with a switch custom-fitted to your application.