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DL4000 Conductivity Cells

Directline Contacting Conductivity Cells are available in three cell constant configurations – 0.1, 1.0 and 10.0 – to provide a wide measurement range. The 0.1 and 1.0 constant cells feature graphite measuring electrodes, while the 10.0 constant cells have a platinum measuring electrode. This allows the cells to be used in measurement of electrolytic conductivity and a variety of light industrial applications.

The conductivity cells can be used in submersion, in-line or flow chamber mounting configurations.

DL423 Conductivity Transmitter

DirectLine DL423 Contacting Conductivity Transmitter is designed for outside use where moisture, dust and chemical attack may be present.  The analytical transmitter modules are intrinsically safe in a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant sealed composite enclosure, and are ideal for light industrial applications. Watertight sensor connection ensures reliability in submersion applications.

APT2000 Contacting Conductivity Transmitter

Honeywell’s APT2000CC transmitter includes advanced features that help diagnose and rectify errors occurring in electronic equipment. It also offers continuous diagnostics for monitoring calibration, cell health and analyzer self-test.

The APT2000 series works with a variety of Honeywell contacting conductivity cells for accuracy in high purity water measurement up to high conductivity or salinity and can meet the measurement needs of Class I, Division 2 (non-incendive) and general-purpose areas.

APT4000 Toroidal Conductivity Analyzer

The APT2000TC series is a reliable, cost-effective solution that provides accurate conductivity measurement using Toroidal Cells.

Made of water and corrosion resistant materials, the APT4000 Conductivity Analyzer is designed to meet the measurement needs of intrinsically safe, non-incendive (Class 1, Division 2) and general purpose areas. Its quick response time, simple operator interface and a large front display, make it easy to use.

APT4000 pH Analyzer

Equipped with advanced features, the APT4000 pH/ORP analyzer helps diagnose and rectify electronic errors occurring in the transmitter. This pH/ORP analyzer also offers continuous diagnostics for monitoring calibration, cell health and analyzer self-test.

The APT4000 pH series works with a variety of Honeywell pH/ORP electrodes including Meredian glass and Durafet® II/Durafet III non-glass types. In addition, the process analyzer can be used with a wide variety of other compatible pH and ORP electrodes.

DL421 pH Transmitter

DirectLine DL421 pH Transmitter modules are next-generation analytical transmitters that easily interface with Honeywell’s packaged solutions for accurate pH measurement.

The pH transmitter eliminates pre-amps in pH applications and is connected directly to a Durafet II, Durafet III, DL2000 glass or HPW7000 pH electrodes. This makes the pH transmitter highly cost effective as it is easy to install, start-up, operate and maintain.

DL422 ORP Transmitter

DirectLine DL422 Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) system consists of an electronics module connected to a Meridian II ORP electrode.   

This ORP transmitter is designed for use in harsh environments where moisture, dust, and chemical attack are prevalent. The DL3000ORP electrodes are remotely mounted and are connected to the electronics module to the ORP electrode via a cable. In addition, the module can be mounted on a 2-inch pipe, wall or DIN rail.