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LF502 Magmeter for Partially filled pipes

The LF502 is a magmeter for partially-filled pipes. This magmeter has an improved functional magnetic field distribution technique enabling a high-precision flow measurement from low-level to fully-filled flow conditions. In addition to these characteristics, the LF502 does not allow mud, sands, and other solid sediment to stay at the bottom of the detector pipe and is unaffected by wave or floating solids on the fluid surface.

LF470 Fractional Flow Meter

The LF470 is a micro fractional detector designed to measure a small amount of fluid containing substance such as chemicals. The wetted materials for the LF470 are corrosion-resistant ceramic and platinum electrodes and are compatible with a wide range of fluids. The LF470 is a lightweight palm-sized detector and can be mounted with a LF602 converter. The lineup of LF470 are 2.5mm (1/10 inch), 4mm (1/6 inch), and 6mm (1/4 inch).

LF644 Large Magnetic Flow Meter

The LF664 uses Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction to measure the process flow. The device consists of two units. The first is a detector, through which the fluid to be measured flows and in which low level signals proportional to flow rates are obtained. The second unit is a converter which supplies excitation current to the detector, amplifies the signals from the detector, and processes and converts the signals into the 4-20 mA dc current signal.

LF150 Large Flanged Meter

The LF150 is a large meter-size detector with small and light-weight structure. Coil arrangement allows for uneven flow to be measured correctly. Combined with the separate LF230, which has an improved noise suppression circuit, can provide superior signal processing capabilities. The flowmeter is highly resistant to noise and provides a stable output for fluids containing slurries. The LF150 ranges in size from 2,000 mm - 3,000 mm (80" - 120").

GF630 Premium Magnetic Flow Meter

The GF630PV (Premium Value) Magmeter
The GF630PV Magnetic Flowmeter Premium Value Series is one of the greatest values in the magmeter market. It is economically priced yet loaded with features not found in many top-of-the-line conventional magmeters. The meter is built with Toshiba's reputation for high quality, and the detector has a 40-year MTBF rating using military specification (MIL-HDK-217F) standards.

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