GF630 Premium Magnetic Flow Meter

The GF630PV (Premium Value) Magmeter
The GF630PV Magnetic Flowmeter Premium Value Series is one of the greatest values in the magmeter market. It is economically priced yet loaded with features not found in many top-of-the-line conventional magmeters. The meter is built with Toshiba's reputation for high quality, and the detector has a 40-year MTBF rating using military specification (MIL-HDK-217F) standards.

Low Cost of Ownership
What good is saving a few extra dollars on a low quality stripped down magmeter if the add-on cost and ownership cost can actually add thousands of dollars to the original price of the meter? Available in sizes from ½ inch to 24 inches. Liner materials available in polyurethane, teflon and rubber.

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