PiloTREK - (Non-contact Microwave) : LEVEL TRANSMITTERS

<strong>FEATURES</strong> <strong>25 GHz K-band, 2-wire</strong> <strong>Easy installation due to small antennas</strong> <strong>75 feet range</strong> <strong>±0.12 inch accuracy</strong> <strong>HART communication</strong> <strong>Plug-in graphical display module</strong> <strong>High temperature version</strong> <strong></strong> <strong>APPLICATIONS</strong> <strong>Level measurement of liquids, slurries, emulsions </strong> <strong>and other chemicals</strong> <strong>Water and wastewater industry</strong> <strong>Pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry</strong> <strong>Food-industry, energy-industry</strong> <strong>For high precision level measurement tasks</strong> <strong></strong> <strong>SPECIFICATIONS</strong> <strong>Measuring frequency: 25 GHz (K-band)</strong> <strong>Power supply: 24 V DC (nominal)</strong> <strong>Output: 4-20 mA, HART</strong> <strong>Antenna material: horn: 316Ti, enclosure (optional): PP, PTFE</strong> <strong>Antenna diameter: DN40 mm (1½''), DN50 mm (2''),</strong> <strong>DN80 mm (3'')</strong> <strong>Medium temperature: -22 °F … +140 °F, </strong> <strong>high temperature version: -22 °F … +356 °F</strong> <strong>Process pressure (depending on the antenna): -14.5 … 363 psig</strong> <strong>Process connection: 1½'', 2'' BSP/NPT, </strong> <strong>or DIN/ANSI flanges, TRICLAMP, DN50 (2'') sanitary</strong> <strong>Ingress protection: IP67</strong> <strong>Communication certifications: FCC, R&amp;TTE</strong> <strong>ATEX approval:</strong> <strong>II 1/2 G Ex ia IIB T6...T5 Ga/Gb</strong> <strong>II 1 G Ex ia IIB T6...T3 Ga</strong>