Sage Basic™ /Flow Meter

The Sage Basic is the affordable thermal mass meter.   The Basic provides an accurate and reliable mass flow measurement at a very economical price.  Featuring low power consumption, the Basic can be used for any gas.  The all stainless steel probe or in-line sensor provides durable construction.  Both a 4-20 mA signal and a pulse output are provided.

Used with rugged all stainless steel probes and in-line flow bodies as used on all Sage thermal mass flow meters. NEMA rated rainproof enclosure suitable for many installations. Can be used with any gas. Provides both a 4-20 mA and a pulse output for external totalization. Can be configured using Sage Addresser software. Low power dissipation, under 2.5 Watts (e.g. under 100 ma at 24 VDC)