Sage Clear™ /Flow Meter

The Sage Clear is an economical Thermal Mass Flow Meter featuring a bright, high contrast, photo-emissive OLED display of Flow Rate, Total and Temperature in a lightweight NEMA 4 indoor enclosure.  The flow rate is also displayed graphically in a horizontal bar graph format.  The meter has large, easy-to-access, well marked terminals, for ease of customer wiring.

  • Photocell activated Screen Saver to extend display life
  • Calibration milliwatts (mw) is continuously displayed, providing for ongoing diagnostics, andin-situ calibration check
  • 4-20 mA output for Rate
  • Rugged, user-friendly packaging with easy terminal access
  • Low power dissipation, under 2.5 Watts (e.g. under 100 ma at 24 VDC)
  • Powerful state-of-the-art microprocessor technology for high performance mass flow measurement and low cost-of-ownership
  • Proprietary digital sensor drive circuit provides enhanced signal stability and unaffected by process temperature & pressure changes
  • Remote Style has Lead-Length Compensation. Allows remote electronics up to 1000 feet from probe; Explosion Proof Junction Box has no circuitry, just terminals (suitable for harsh environments)
  • Field Reconfigurability via optional Addresser Software
  • Captive Flow Conditioners for Insertion meter applications, if required