STG 700 Series Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Dual Head Gauge Pressure Transmitters are suited for typical applications involving reaction vessels in the chemical industry and level applications with process temperatures up to 257°F /125°C.

In-Line transmitters are screwed directly onto a 1/2” male NPT nipple and can be installed in hazardous environments for accurate, repeatable pressure measurement. Typical applications include high-pressure measurement in boilers, fuel feeds and high-pressure reaction vessels in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon recovery industries.

The following models are available for deployment:

• STG740/STG74L                       0-500 psi                       0-35 bar
• STG770/STG77L                       0-3,000 psi                     0-210 bar
• STG78L                                  0-6,000 psi                     0-420 bar
• STG79L                                  0-10,000 psi                    0-690 bar

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