What Is It? SmartLine temperature transmitters are the industry’s most robust transmitters with efficient control system integration and other unique features that help it deliver in tough and noisy environments. This transmitter family includes the STT850 Field Mounted Transmitter based on dual compartment housing and the STT650 DIN Rail Mounted Transmitter. How Does It Work? SmartLine temperature transmitters measure temperature accurately and reliably in industrial processes in tough and noisy environments, converting low level signals from temperature sensors to analog and digital output signal. The transmitters achieve this through: <ul><li> Onboard ambient temperature and cold junction compensation </li> <li> Ability to work with both single and dual sensors </li> <li> Simple and easy configuration </li> <li> Comprehensive onboard diagnostic capabilities for the sensor and the transmitter. </li> </ul> What Problems Does It Solve? With their superior isolation and noise performance ability, Honeywell’s SmartLine temperature transmitters help improve reliability in the most demanding applications involving noisy plant environments. They increase value across the entire plant life cycle by: <ul><li> Reducing project costs and startup time </li> <li> Avoiding unplanned downtime </li> <li> Improving product quality and yield </li> <li> Reducing spare parts inventory and repair time with enhanced safety. </li> </ul>